‘Hari Sadu- The Bad Boss’ Is Back On TV !!

Yeah, You got it right.Hari Sadu, the famous fictitious in-human boss character who made his debut in Naukri.com  TV ads, returns again (Hari Sadu 2.0 ??), post recession.

All job sites including Naukri.com suffered recession effect and had to maintain a low-profile until last year.Now as the recession has been officially left us, job portals are gathering their lost momentum to make up to the worst season they had.Naukri.com targets mainstream advertising media again and of course I’m sure they wouldn’t get better help from anyone else other than Hari Sadu to kickoff their campaign for the new year 2010.

Hari Sadu in Naukri.com ad

The new TV commercial ad shows many people scribbling on the door of ‘Hari Sadu- The bad boss’ with all names of all sort of diseases that they wish their boss should get like "ring worm, swine flu, acidity, Hernia, Diarrhoea” and aliases for their bad boss like  ‘anaconda’, ‘ravana’,  ‘dhakkan’ , ‘dhritrashtra’  etc.

The video ends with taglines “Jobs Are Back, Bye Bye Recession, Hello New Year”…


Hey ya, how doing Hari Sadu??

H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal and I for Idiot

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